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The Project

Time4Life International

The Syrian conflict began in March 2011 within the context of the Arab Spring protests, breaking out in a violent civil war between the president Bashar al-Assad forces and the Free Syrian Army together with the Syrian National Coalition.

Today it’s still impossible to define the number of victims. Despite persistent international diplomats’ mediations, Syria is currently an impenetrable territory.

Time4Life International is currently involved in Kilis, the Turkish territory near the Syrian border. It’s in here that all the war refugees merge. Kilis has increased its population tenfold since the war began, hosting refugees in every available space: garages, basements, tents, abandoned buildings.

Time4Life International operates here since the beginning of the conflict to support children and families fleeing from war.

What has be done

Syria is the first Time4Life International mission: a small group of friends and volunteers coordinated by Elisa Fangareggi take action to gather and bring food, medicines and essential items to Kilis refugees. It’s 2012.

Several basic services have been arranged: an obstetrics clinic, a pharmaceutical dispensary, schools and the development of Kilis Hospital facilities.

Thanks to donations received so far, it has been possible to provide ongoing assistance to over 150 families and provide essential services to hundreds of people.

We can do more

Many of the refugee children do not receive sufficient food and health care. There are countless cases of malnutrition and leishmaniasis. In winter time the situation is even more difficult: whole communities live in tents or in unheated barracks where they barely survive.

With the LONG DISTANCE SUPPORT you can help these children, innocent victims of war. With € 30,00 per month you can ensure a Syrian refugee to chance to eat and get cured. We’ve seen too many children not overcoming the harsh winter of Kilis. We’ve done a lot, but we have to do more. To thank you for your help, you’ll get a picture of the food basket’s delivery that, thanks to you, we can give to the child plus regular updates on the project.