The future shouldn’t be an option. We work to make it sure.

Our experience led us to know hundreds of people living in extreme poverty. Seeing famished children every day is something that changes your life forever. Although offering a meal is still a powerful action, today it’s not enough. What we need to do is to give them the tools to set free from hunger, disease and unconsciousness in order to conquer their place in the world. This is the reason why our projects are realized thanks to SPONSORSHIP, a long distance support format that works in the long run. It’s all about food, clothing but also health care, medical treatments and education. With € 1,00 per day, you’ll help us to guarantee a proper life to a child.





We’ll match your name to one of the children of the program. We’ll regularly update you on his/her conditions and the general situation of the project and we’ll also have care about sending photos to show you how much your help is important for him/her.

Saving a life is an experience that will change more than one life: his/hers and yours.

If you realize that you’re no longer able to support the project every month, simply let us know. We’ll assign your child to a new supporter in order to ensure him/her the required treatment.