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Famous for safaris and its beautiful sunsets, Kenya also hides terrible poverty, a few kilometers from the luxury holiday resorts.

The population of Kenya has grown at very high rates, doubling in twenty years, at the expense of the little ones.

Time4Life International has taken up the call for help of Watamu orphanage, about 20 kilometers away from Malindi.

In February 2015, we went there to check the situation and figure out how to effectively help the 130 orphans living in Watamu.

Our Impact

We soon realized that children slept in inhuman conditions: to counter the spread of disease, it was necessary to buy new mattresses.

We activated the project to screen HIV (many children have lost their parents because AIDS) and set up specialized medical checkups.

Sundays are feast days for children: they eat chicken. We talk about 10 chickens for 130 children. We promptly began a campaign to collect high-protein food to fight malnutrition.

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