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A land full of charm and spirituality, gathered around the highest peaks in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s also a land recently put on his knees by the great earthquake of April 25, 2015. Over 800 thousand deaths, thousands of homeless, needy children, orphans who lost everything.

Nepal is currently in a extremely difficult situation, despite the willingness of these people to stand up again. The struggle to resume normal agricultural activities, the lack of sufficient humanitarian funding and the severe climatic conditions that isolate entire communities for weeks make the emergency in Nepal even more complex.

Time4Life International got immediately involved: a team visited the area to understand the emergency, primarily to provide a quick concrete and systematic help like housing and food.

Masonry and metal shelters – reliable also during the monsoon season – were raised in a short time to protect inhabitants.

Our Impact

Thanks to the first volunteer expedition we gave a concrete help to solve the emergency for food and shelter.

A network of experts on the ground coordinated by Time4Life International realized masonry and metal shelters to accommodate homeless families.

We collaborated with on-site volunteer organizations to give a continuous and concrete assistance to children and their families.

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