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The Project

Time4Life International

Romania is a land of great contradictions. It’s a beautiful country inhabited by a people who wants to progress.

A people that clashes with widespread and deep poverty, where the living conditions of the most vulnerable – primarily children – are harsh.

Only in 2009, more than 1,000 children have been abandoned, more than 70 thousand children lived under state protection and over 90 thousand children were entrusted to relatives because the parents left the country in search of work abroad.

Since 2013 Time4Life International is committed in Romania to support two facilities for children: the Sister Bianca’s family home and the Institute of Sister Teodorina. The first serves as a school and houses about a hundred of children from 0 to 6 years old who carry great degradation and poverty backgrounds.

The Institute of Sister Teodorina welcomes about 80 children to whom she guarantees a meal, a snack and academic support.

With your help

Thanks to donations collected by Time4Life International, institutions can provide assistance to approximately 170 children.

Time4Life International, thanks to long distance support, helps poor families in Sighet. We garantee food, clothings and sanitary products.

Support of the maternity and neonatology ward of Sighet Hospital.

Get Involved

Thanks to LONG DISTANCE SUPPORT you can give a child the opportunity to be free from hunger, to get an education and to face Sighet harsh winter. With € 30,00 per month we can place him/her in a school and guarantee him/her food, warm clothes and health care. Tomorrow, that child, will be able to look after him/herself and his/her family.

To thank you for the donation, you will receive a file of the child and photographs in order to realize how much your help means for him/her. When you save a life, you save the world!