Progetto Benin Time4life International 30

The Project

Time4Life International

Benin is an extremely poor West African state. It currently welcomes 8 million inhabitants, half of whom are children under 14. Children who are in extreme conditions.

In the district of Dassa, in particular, the minors are used as slaves forced to break stones with primitive and dangerous tools for over 12 hours per day.

The “little stonebreakers of Benin” grow without the slightest awareness of their rights nor any school preparation, and so unable to improve their living conditions.

Time4Life International, in Benin from November 2013, has focused its work on this issue. Thanks to the long distance support, children are taken away from the quarries and sent to school where they receive a meal and while health care is provided through our on-site contacts.

Our Impact

Between November 2013 and November 2015, we have moved away from the quarries 200 children and allowed them to attend the school.

In six schools in the district, a meal is served daily. An active health control reduces significantly malaria cases and monitors children’s health.

With the help of our supporters we are moving away more and more children from this situation. There are many more to be saved.

We can do more

Every saved child is a significant milestone. We like to think that saving one life is equivalent to saving the entire world. But we can do much more. With you.

Thanks to LONG DISTANCE SUPPORT you can give the chance to a child to receive food, school supplies, medical checks and build a better future.

To thank you for this opportunity, you’ll receive a file and photographs of the child in order to realize what your help really means for him/her.