Time4life International is a foundation which cares about children living in social and economic poverty conditions. The foundation was created by a special person, Elisa Fangareggi, following her idea of a more practical, quick and humane way to bring humanitarian aid. Elisa, together with her team of aid workers, is committed in order to safeguard children’s fundamental rights in countries affected by natural disasters, war and poverty and all the realities of exploitation, enslavement and children trafficking. A network of volunteers on the ground and long distance supporters ensure the right to food, education and health care to thousands of children.

Today Time4life International coordinates humanitarian aid networks in syria, benin, nicaragua, romania, kenya and nepal.

Our presence on the ground allows us to understand and face the different issues of the area, to intervene promptly to solve concrete problems and emergencies and to perceive that sometimes for a child trust is more important that a toy. But first and foremost, we try to create opportunities in the long term. This means that to feed a child today is as much important as to give him/her the opportunity to do it by him/herself tomorrow. For this reason, we work to respond to the emergency in the short term and to build from that moment a sustainable future for the child and his/her family. Nowadays, we have changed thousands of children and families’ lives. With your help, we can do even more. When you save a life, you save the world!


Time4Life International follows many activities since every reality has different needs and opportunities. After a period of preliminary studies on the ground, we try to connect associations, local authorities, on-site professionals in order to expand assistance opportunities and the number of people receiving our help. We collect food, personal care and household products, writing materials but also donations that allow an ongoing assistance of children and their families. Our staff is steadily in contact with on-site operators to check the progress of our projects and to ensure the best use of the funds collected from donations. Furthermore, we train volunteers who want to go “on the front lines” and work hard in order to help people in need – a powerful and challenging experience that changed many lives.